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The transition to Sunwest Bank systems will begin at 12:00 noon on Friday, June 13, starting with the new debit cards, and ending at 9:00am on Monday, June 16. During conversion we will integrate most of our systems, accounts and services. All branches and some services will be unavailable during this weekend. On June 16, when the conversion is complete, we will be able to serve you from four states across the country and will have a combined set of accounts and services.

For complete details Download our Conversion Booklet

A summary of the important changes is outlined below:

Before Friday, June 13, 2014:

- Expect your new Sunwest Bank Visa® debit card, ATM card or Health Savings Debit Card to arrive in the mail.

- Call 1-800-567-3451 to activate your new Sunwest Bank card any time, but do not use your new card until June 13, 2014 at 12:00 pm (MST). Cards not used since January 31, 2013, will not be reissued.

- Review your Bill Pay payees/billers for accurate account numbers and full addresses for proper conversion.

- Move any scheduled Bill Payments in the range of June 10-16, rescheduling to before or after this date range to avoid delays in payments during the transition.

- ATMs will be converted to the Sunwest system June 9-12. Your Syringa card may not work for deposits during this transition until June 13 at 5:00pm.

- Finish Remote Deposit Capture/Merchant Capture scanning and transmission by 5:00pm on June 13.

- Stop ACH Origination batch/file creation and transmission by 5:00pm on June 13.

- Print online transaction history or download financial transactions to Quicken® or Quickbooks® on Friday, June 13, 2014. Transaction history will not be available after conversion. Refer to your account statements.

After Friday, June 13, 2014:

- Begin using your new debit card or ATM card starting at noon on June 13th. If you did not receive a new card, contact your banking office to obtain a current status. Cards not used since January 2013 were considered inactive and were not reissued.

- Sign on to Online Banking after 9:00am on June 16th.

- Review your Online Banking bill payments for accuracy.

- Schedule your Person-to-Person payment records in PopMoney (part of bill payment).

- Sign up for eStatements and review election options for e-Notices.

- Schedule e-alerts to monitor balances in online banking.

- Download updated mobile banking app.

- Update your financial software (i.e., Quicken®) on Monday, June 16.

- Update your new Sunwest Bank information and routing number for any direct deposits or automatic payments. Your new Sunwest Bank routing number is 122228003.

- Resume Remote Deposit Capture/Merchant Capture following the installation of new software that will be scheduled with you by a Cash Management specialist.

- Resume ACH Origination processes after coordination with Cash Management specialist.


For help with online banking, please consult the following guides:


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Recent Data Breaches

Several data breaches have been reported recently. Protecting your account and your information is important to us. We encourage you to monitor your accounts and alert us immediately if you notice any suspicious activity by calling 800-330-9890.

Security Practices To Protect You From Fraud

You should always be wary of unsolicited emails asking you to disclose any personal details. Sunwest Bank may send an email notice or alert, however, we will never ask you to provide any personal or account information via email.

Avoid Identity Theft

Do not put your address, telephone number, Social Security number, or driver’s license number on personal checks or credit card sales receipts.

Protect Your Financial Information

Deposit payments and financial mail in a secured post office box, not in your home mailbox.